ePractice Care

ePracticeCare is a Health Care EHR/EMR System.

The basic idea is to facilitate the doctor to keep the patient medical records confidential, safe and up-to-date. This application accommodates all type of patient clinical data e.g: Allergies, Medications, Medical/Birth/Social/Surgical History, ROS, Vitals, Physical Exam, Diagnosis, Order & Results, Immunization, Patient Charts etc.
In electronic Health Care field, patient data is very confidential and believed to be personal information. Therefore ePracticeCare is designed that each user (doctor/receptionists/data entry staff/lab attendants/hosipital admins) has his/her rights and privileges granted by the Admin in-order to avoid the misuse of data/information.
Software Features
  • Allergies, Medications
  • Prescription Management System
  • Medical History And Immunization
  • ROS, Diagnosis, Order & Results
  • Lab Vitals
  • Physical Exams/Patient Charts
  • User Management
  • Practice Management
  • Insurance/Medical Billing
Contact Us
Address: High Q Tower, 6th Floor, Office # 606, Jail Road, Lahore
Phone: +92-42-3595 5605
Mobile: +92-321-786 7900
Email: info@abfatechnologies.com
Web: www.abfatechnologies.com
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